Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers


 Dual thyristors rectifier system:

Rectifier supply unit RSU: dedicated to supplying load only.

Rectifier charging unit RCU: dedicated to supplying battery.

Automatic and manual control mode:

Automatic: the charger chooses the charging mode.

Manual: the operator chooses the charging mode

Float and high rate charging mode:

Float: the battery is charged slowly to achieve maximum service life.

High rate: the battery is charged faster to achieve higher and more consistent.

Constant Voltage, Variable Current:

Output DC voltage will be fixed value with a variable current with limitation.

Long term stability of DC voltage.

Fully Protection:

Load: against overload and short circuit by current limitation.

Battery: against battery over charging, low voltage, overload and short circuit by current limitation.

Cooling and lighting:

Controlled fan for cooling the cabinet.

led lighting with limit switch control.

High reliability:

Operation for long years with very low maintenance.


1 to 3 years warranty with available spare parts for 20 years and more.


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